Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3 Stream – Game of Throne Episode 3 begins with Jon Snow breathing heavily and Ser Davos asks him what he remembers? Melisandre too asks him about “where did he go after he dies”? However, he didn’t remember anything. Ser Davos asks him to clean as much shit he can. Jon Snow reunites with his men.

We saw Sam return to the episode 3. Sam and Willy head to south on a ship and Sam was feeling sick. However, Sam informed Willy that they are headed towards “Cornhill” instead, Sam’s hometown where they’ll be safe. Willy trusts Sam.

Bran again sees his father when he was young looking for his sister ends up fighting with the best swordsman of that time and before his father was about to get killed, one of his men stab the swordsman in the back and killed him.

Daenerys was seen walking as a prisoner with the Dothraki people. They came to the Dothraki town where she met the wife of the Great Khal who asked why she didn’t return to them after her husband Khal Drogo died and now her fate is in the hands of people.

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At Meereen, Varys called a lady called Vella a local resident who conspired to kill the queen and also to know the truth about the sons of Harpy revolt against the Unsullied and the second sons. He offers to give her free passage to her and her son to a safe place if she helps them uncover the truth and tells him who funds the sons of Harpy. Finally, he learns the truth that it’s been funded by Masters of Athanor and Masters of Yunkai with the help of their friends in Lantis

At King’s Landing, Cersei wants to learn about who’s talking behind their back in Dorne, High Gardens and in the North. She wants to identify everyone and plan to punish them. At the council meeting, Cersei and Jaime want to be a part of the meeting but all the other council members walk away. Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3 King Tommen visits High Sparrow and asks to see Margery but high sparrow refuses without she confesses her sins. He also lures him with his talks and made him understand what God wants.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3 At Bravos, Arya is still got beaten up and asked a lot of questions about his identity and siblings, she tells everything. The lady then asks about the list of the people she always wanted to kill, Arya says Cersei, Gregor, and Walder Frey. She is then asked is she is forgetting any name? She heard the voice of Jaqen, who asks for the girl’s name and gave her something to drink and Arya got her eyes back and replied she is “no one”.

At Winterfell, Lord Umber visits Ramsay to form an alliance with him to fight against the Wildings who got free passage with Jon’s help. However, he refuses to bow down to Ramsay and recognize him the Lord of the Winterfell. He also brought a present for Ramsay which was “Rickon Stark”.

At Castle Black, Jon remembers how he got stabbed by his own brothers, the main accused including Allister Thorne was brought up with their hands tied up and Jon asks for their last words. He then cut the rope and hanged all of them. He handed over his coat to his friend and said “my watch has ended” now he can wear it or burn it’s his call as he is now in charge of Castle Black.

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