Game of thrones season 6 Episode 4

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 stream – At Castle Black, Jon prepares to leave the Castle but his newly appointed Lord and his friend insist his stay and fight the white walkers, as they were talking, the front gate open and Brienne along with Sansa and Rodrick were at the door. Jon was speechless and reunited with her sister. At Dinner, Sansa asks Jon to fight and take back Winterfell. She is so determined that she tells Jon if he doesn’t tell her then she will do it herself and whatever it takes. Melisandre tells Ser Davos that she will not serve Jon Snow.

Meantime, Brienne approached them and informs them that she killed Stannis and she has not forgotten or forgiven anyone for the death of Renly, who was killed with the help of black magic. Bayliss arrives at the Vale and manages to get the army to rescue and save Sansa from being attacked by the Boltons. At Meereen, Tyrion invites representatives of Masters of Astapor for a dialogue and make peace with them so that they stop giving help to the “Sons of Harpy”. However, the grey worm is against this decisions but Tyrion somehow convinces him to trust his ability as a politician. He also manages to convince the public that till the time Queen doesn’t return, they should keep faith in his abilities as an advisor to Meereen. Jorah and Daario see the Horse-gate, known as the God’s way.

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Jorah informs Daario that Daenerys should be here as she was supposed to come here after Khal Drogo died as was suppose to join the Dosh Khaleen. She must be present at the temple of Dosh Khaleen. They abandoned their weapons so that they can enter the city market as traders and will search of Daenerys at night. Daario notices Jorah’s hand which was bitten by sandman but Jorah reassures that he will take care of it. At night when Daenerys is out for water with another woman, Jorah and Daario find her and came to her rescue. Daenerys told them she has a way to get out but they will have to trust her. At Kings Landing, High Sparrow asks for Margery and let her see her brother who is also helping as a prisoner. Margery tells her brother to be strong as he is the future so their family but Loras wants everything to be stopped and asks Margery to help him

Game of Thrones season 6 Episode 4 live streaming –  Cersei and Jaime enter the council meeting and advise House Tyrell to bring in their army and destroy the High Sparrow and arrests or kill him so that Queen Margery can be freed. At Kings Landing, the army will stand down as the King has given order not to threaten high Sparrow due to fear that they might hurt the queen. Theon Greyjoy returns to his house and reunites with her sister but she is not happy to see her as she lost many men to help him rescue Winterfell but he betrayed them.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4  review – He admits and apologized for the same. He tells her sister that after his father he wants her sister to rule the Iron Islands and he will help her. At Castle Black, Jon Snow receives a letter from Lord Bolton to hand over his bride Lady Sansa or else he will attack winterfell and kill everybody and his brother Rickon too, who is help captive by Ramsay. Sansa tells Jon to take help from the other Lords of the North as they are still loyal to Winterfell. He asked the welding leader how many can gather, he replied 2000 men. At the temple of Dosh Khaleen, Daenerys gives chance to all the leaders to serve her However they all laughed and threaten to rape her one by one. Daenerys burned all of them alive and emerges naked from the temple where all the men and women bowed down in front of her.

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