Game of thrones season 6 Episode 2

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 stream begin with the much awaited return of “Bran”, he dreams about his father and his brothers and sisters when they were young. He was surprised to see all of them and also saw Hodor talk when he was young but his mentor brings him back to reality. This shows that he possesses the power to look back in the past. Three-eyed raven informed him that there’s a war coming. At Castle Black, Ser Allister gives last warning to Ser Davos and him men to come out of the room but to no use, he then orders his men to break the door. Before they could break the room the wildlings attack Castle BlaCK

All the men surrender before the welding and Ser Allister was taken into custody. Tormund pays his tribute to Jon Snow. At King’s Landing, the man who was making fun of Queen Cersei after seeing her naked got murdered by her soldier. Cersei was ordered by his king son to stay in the red keep and was not allowed to attend her daughter’s funeral. Jaime threatens high Sparrow for more blood.

At Meereen, Tyrion advises unchaining the dragons in order to bring them to their full potential. He goes himself to do it, after talking to the dragons for a while he unchained both of the dragons. In Bravos, Arya is hurt and begging on the street again when the same girl returns and asking for Arya’s name and started beating her again. Suddenly, a man appears who none other than was Jaqen, he started asking for her name and lured her by giving her eyes back if she reveals her name but Arya was strong enough not to reveal her name. He then asks her to follow him.

Sansa and Theon as they are not capable of killing half a dozen soldiers by them. Ramsay is affirmative that Sansa will head towards Castle Black to reunite with her brother Jon Snow and ask for the small group to attack a weakened Castle Black. However, murdering the Lord of the Night’s Watch Roose Bolton think it’s a bad idea as it will turn all North against them. At the same time, Roose Bolton get the news of his newborn son, hearing this Ramsay congratulate him and hugged him and eventually took out his knife and stab him to death fearing he might lose his position. Ramsay takes Roose Bolton’s wife and his newborn child to unite them with Roose Bolton, however, he feeds them to his flesh-hungry dogs.

In the woods, Theon is embarrassed to what he had done with the stark, pretending to kill Bran, betraying Rob, he wanted to get punished for what sins he had committed. He asks Sansa that Jon Snow will never forgive him and he want to leave for the home where his father is killed by his own brother, however, her sister is unaware who did this but wanted to find out in order to kill him. At Castle Black, Ser Davos goes to meet Melisandre asking her if she knew any magic to bring back Jon Snow.

Melisandre lost all her faith in all the gods and is heartbroken. Ser Davos still believe her strength because he has seen so many of her magic that he is still positive that she is the one who can bring him back from dead. Melisandre tries her magic, she cleaned Jon’s body and cut some of his hairs and burn them in the fire. She touched his body and started saying the spell to bring him back but she is surprised that nothing happened. She then left the room and so do others. When the room was empty suddenly Jon Snow wake up from the sleep and started breathing heavily

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