Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7 stream – Tyrion requested a trial by combat started looking for a suitable fighter to fight for him, meantime Cersei has appointed Gregor Clegane as her champion for the trial. Tyrion tries to talk to Bronn but he refused has too much of risk was involved and Tyrion cannot give anything as he is locked up in prison. He then asked his brother Jaime to fight for him but Jaime refused as he believes he cannot fight anymore after losing his fighting hand. To Tyrion’s surprise, Oberyn steps up and was ready to fight for him, as he believes that it’s a good opportunity to take revenge against Gregor Clegane for her sister.

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Daenerys impressed with Daario have sex with him and sends him on a mission to Yunkai to deal with the prevailing situation there. Melisandre and Selyse prepare for their journey. Jon and Allister come face to face with the issue wilding threat. Arya and Hound meet Rorge and Biter, whom they have known from the past, the hound is left injured and refuses to burn the wound. Brienne and Podrick meet Hot Pie, a friend of Arya, and came to know about her presence and the time she spends with him and at the Brotherhood. Brienne then decides that she might go to Vale in search of her relatives and she decides to go there as well. In Vale, Lysa was furious to see Peter kissing Sansa and later threatening her kill by dropping her off from the moon door, Peter intervenes and eventually throw Lysa from the moon door and hence killing her.

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